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Adam Maxwell


“I would say I'm not your typical CFO. I like to get my hands dirty. And I do my best work when I'm passionate about what I'm doing.”

A photo of Adam Maxwell in a bright shirt.

Adam’s fire for human care services was lit in the UK as Finance Director of a large, privately owned age care group. There, he visited around 23 care homes (and placed his own mother in four of them), exposing him first-hand to the shortcomings of the sector. Now at Rocky Bay and Shift, Adam’s role is to allocate funding to its SDA projects, from building, to property management, maintenance and all in-between. He is not your typical CFO. Far from the serious accountant hiding away in a dusty office, Adam loves getting his hands dirty and thrives in an environment that’s dynamic, fun, and flexible.

In Rocky Bay and Shift, Adam found a platform to bring his two passions to life – finance and human services. While most SDA developers out there prioritise profit before all else, Adam believes that Shift is more motivated by people and independence. This allows him to use his dual roles to deliver positive returns for the business beyond monetary value.

It can be a delicate balance trying to reconcile financial and human outcomes. The reality is that vacant beds need to be filled – and not everyone is compatible. Adam’s strength is finding ways to ensure the business can operate successfully by helping as many people as possible, yielding the best returns possible, without compromising the company’s principles. This is where Adam’s humility comes to the fore. By respecting the opinions of those around him, Adam constructs a balanced view that invites collaboration towards the best solution.

For Adam, a smile says a thousand words - seeing people move into a contemporary, beautiful airy house, with people they get along with, makes the challenges all worthwhile.


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