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Marcus Deshon


“It's got to be collaborative. We're trying to deliver what the customers want.”

Marcus Deshon wearing a suit and smiling at the camera.

At SHIFT, the role of Development Manager comes with big shoes – and Marcus is grounded with the right feet to fill them. He ticks all the boxes of a good project manager. Conceptually minded. Technically brilliant. But it is his emotional intelligence that elevates him to another level. By getting to understand his team, Marcus ensures every member is motivated with the right values and purpose as he expertly manages the development stages , from site feasibility to construction and handover.

This is the first time Marcus has experienced the ‘profit-for-purpose’ side of the property development world. With the NDIS opening the door to exciting Specialist Disability Accommodation possibilities, he now has a platform to use his values and sharply honed skill base to improve lives. It marks a refreshing detour from delivering commercial property developments. Rather than finding customers to fit a building design, Marcus now relishes the personal nature of delivering a building to fit the input and requirements of each unique user.

For him, it’s one of the rare times the well-worn adage ‘the customer comes first’ is genuinely true. That’s not to say the commerciality of SDA projects is not important to him – it is. In fact, maybe even more so. With SHIFT, profit is generated for a ‘purpose’, not investors. More revenue opens the door to develop another home and help another person. And another, and another. The stakes are high – in a way, their livelihood hinges on each project’s success.

For Marcus, the shift into the SDA scene has been life changing. The exposure to a different diversity of needs has opened his eyes to what’s important and how he can use his role to be of greater benefit, which a lot of the time is as simple as helping someone “just live somewhere”. Having these honest coffee conversations and taking that purpose out onto the development sites is incredibly motivating and rewarding, with Marcus believing it helps him drive home in a different headspace, with a much stronger sense of fulfillment.


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