After growing up in the eastern suburbs of Perth and following a brief stint in Queensland Brian has been living in supported accommodation with Rocky Bay since 1984.  He has been eagerly awaiting the completion of his brand new 3 bedroom SDA home in Pearsall where he is now happily settled with two housemates.

Closer to home

Brian and his housemates moved into their new home in October. The bright and airy house is finished with modern fixtures, height adjustable counters, wide hallways and doorways and generously sized bedrooms, all with their own ensuite!

Brian is loving his own space to relax in, with a desk for creating his gem art master pieces, of which he has now completed over 700! As well as his passion for his art Brian loves barracking for his AFL team and spending quality time with his family. Something that is now so much easier for Brian to do as they live close by.

Shift and Rocky Bay customer sitting in his wheelchair and smiling at the camera

Area Manager for Supported Accommodation, Alison Rennick, explains the importance of SDA housing, and why the move is so important for Brian. 

“Shift’s SDA houses are purposely built to be fully accessible so our customers can move around comfortably. It enables more privacy and promotes building maximum independence in their homes,” says Alison.

“A massive benefit to Brian will be the location. He spends lots of time with his family so being able to have them close will be great. He is a very social person, so having the extra company of his housemates should make his transition seamless.” 

“Brian will continue to be supported to help develop and maintain his independence in his home and entrench himself in the community,” says Alison. 

Ilea, Brian’s mum, explains the positive impact Brian's recent move will have on Brian. 

“The move will make a huge difference to his life; the whole family are excited for him to be so close. He can be more involved in the community and with his family, especially with his nieces and nephews in sport. 

“My hope for Brian is that with assistance he can get into the workforce or increase his time volunteering. He can be more involved with his family, and we look forward to making new memories and exploring this next exciting chapter for him.” 


Moving out on your own is an exciting step toward a more independent life, something that 56-year-old Mark has recently experienced for the first time when he moved into his own one bedroom Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) villa in Yangebup developed by Shift Accessible Homes, a Rocky Bay company.


A home of one's own

Until November 2022, Mark had mostly lived in shared group home accommodation with other housemates, including Rocky Bay’s supported accommodation in Yangebup. However due to a diagnosis of Polydipsia, coupled with the fact that he requires a modified diet, Mark’ schedule – particularly around meal times – usually had to work around his other housemates.

Polydipsia is the medical term for feeling excessive thirst, or an urge to drink fluids at all times. The challenges around Mark’s diagnosis, as well as living 24/7 with other housemates, heightened his anxiety levels, so living independently with the right supports in place was the goal for Mark.

Victoria Duffy, Team Leader at Shift’s SDA in Yangebup, says that in his own villa Mark has much more independence. He has the freedom to be himself and make choices on what he wants to do and where he wants to go, without having to fit around a schedule of other housemates.

“Mark has his own place, it’s all his. He has his own bedroom, his own ensuite, a private courtyard space and his own little kitchen. He’s got a lovely spot…he can just be himself”, says Victoria.

“There’s a beautiful park just over the road so he can go out. Mark loves being outdoors; every day he’s out walking two or three times a day in the park. If he wants to stay longer we take some drinks and snacks so we can enjoy morning tea, and then he can just come home whenever he wants to. He’s not keen on getting in the car to go places at times, so it’s great to have the park right here.”

Victoria explains that Mark is well supported in his villa, with access to 24/7 onsite care from Rocky Bay’s support workers.

“Even though there is somebody here all the times for Mark, sometimes he just likes a little bit of time on his own, so he is free to do whatever he wants.”

Mark’s villa is modern and accessible, featuring wide doorways and bright and airy spacious rooms. Technology such as automatic doors and blinds, environmental controls, and height adjustable facilities are built-in, and the space features cleverly concealed smart solutions, particularly for the laundry area.

The villa is located walking distance from the park Mark loves to spend time in, and is a short car ride to the shops and amenities, 15 minutes from Coogee Beach and 20 minutes from the heart of Fremantle.

Whilst Mark lives independently in his own space, he also has the option to spend time with his friends who live in the surrounding three bedroom, two bathroom SDA villa.

“Mark often visits with his friends in the other villa…he has the freedom to come and go there whenever he wants. He also brings some of them over to his villa for morning tea, which gives him some interaction when he wants it, so then his space doesn’t feel so isolating for him.”

It’ an exciting time for Mark as he takes the next step in his journey, and he is relishing in his independence and brand new contemporary space.

To find out more about our Shift Accessible Homes SDA builds, call our Shift team on 6399 4100.

Photo credit: Rocky Bay support Worker, Balbir Singh

How it works

In as little as 15 months, you could be moving into your dream new home with SHIFT. Here are the basic steps involved, from go to whoa.



To start your SDA journey, reach out to us at SHIFT, or meet with your Support Coordinator to discuss housing options.



Your Support Coordinator will help you complete a Request for Home and Living Supports form, and organise a Functional Capacity Assessment completed by an Occupational Therapist. These reports, along with any other supporting evidence, are sent to the NDIA for consideration by the NDIA Home and Living team to confirm your eligibility for SDA.



If approved, you will be notified of your funding level (i.e. Improved Liveability, Fully Accessible, High Physical Supports, and Robust), design category, location and number of occupants. You may also be eligible for SIL funding (SDA funding is for the physical property only).



Upon SDA approval, you are now able to partner with SHIFT, your SIL service provider (if eligible), and the building company, to design and build your new home.



Congratulations! You can now move into your new home, and start accessing your support services.

You’re in safe hands

A new SDA home is an exciting and at times daunting journey. Just know that the SHIFT team is here to help you meet your individual goals. Our building journey is a collaboration built on honest, open, and trusting relationships. You become our world, as we work with you to help build your capacity to take an active part in NDIA processes, connect with the supports you need, and resolve any service delivery issues.

Need extra help?

You don’t have to walk the journey alone. Our amazing sister organisation Rocky Bay can connect you to all the support you need.

Support Coordinator
Build the skills you need to understand your plan, use it, and find the right supports.

Specialist Support Coordination
Higher level help to manage challenges in your support environment and ensure consistent service delivery.


What’s next?

Remember - where you are now is not necessarily where you’ll be tomorrow. If you’re ready to meet, or would like to know more, simply complete this form and our friendly team will be in touch within 24 hours.


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